UPS Batteries Replacement

Did you know that most UPS batteries only have a life expectancy of five years, and even less if they are not installed in a constant temperature controlled environment?

We at Elec Power Technologies perform battery replacements on all brands of UPS systems, be it a 200VA unit or a 500KVA unit.

We’re one of W.A’s premier UPS battery distributors, which allows us to keep a large range and quantity of batteries on hand for that urgent repair while keeping the price competitive.

However it doesn’t end there: with our battery replacement services, we complete a through parameter check and complete a full battery charger calibration to keep your UPS running at its optimum level for the lifetime of the batteries.

The majority of UPS systems use sealed lead acid batteries that require to be kept at an optimal 20 degrees C. For systems used in high temperature conditions it is recommended that your UPS batteries be checked and be changed, if required, earlier than the 5 year period as temperature has a detrimental effect to a batteries life expectancy.

We offer an additional service by completing specific calibrations to prolong battery life in these high temperature applications: a service many of our customers have come to reply on.