Many customers ignore the importance of Uninterruptible Power Supply preventative maintenance.

Consider the critical equipment today’s UPS systems protect and ask yourself why so many customers only attend to their UPS when something goes wrong.

Many companies expect UPS systems to continue to operate continuously and often forget about the importance of UPS servicing and battery replacements until it is too late! Without careful maintenance this critical equipment is vulnerable to failure, leading to expensive repairs and down time.
UPS systems protecting critical equipment are recommended to have a preventative maintenance service completed at least annually to keep the system operating at its optimum performance level.

Elec Power Technologies can perform these services for you.

Our major services will keep you informed of the condition of your UPS system each time a service is performed.

A battery autonomy discharge test is also performed with this service so you can be sure your batteries are giving the best backup time possible.

Performed at either 6 or 12 month intervals these services will give you peace of mind that your critical equipment is protected to the best possible extent.


Our expert team can provide a number of services to your UPS system including on site power audits, services and repairs.

We also offer a fully equipped workshop for services and repairs to smaller UPS systems.

With licensed electricians on hand we are able to provide the full turn key solution from supply, installation, commissioning and continual maintenance of the final product.