Eaton Powerware

Eaton Powerware has been a long standing manufacturer of AC and DC Power Systems in Australia and has a reputation for high reliability UPS systems; from small offline UPS systems to large online UPS systems. A sample of their uninterruptible power supply systems is available below.

Powerware have a UPS that will cater for almost ANY situation. If your requirements are not listed here, contact us with your requirements for a customized solution!

Powerware 3105 350-700VA UPS

The affordable, compact 3105 UPS system device was designed to deliver the best UPS power management solution for your small office or home office.

Ready to switch to uninterruptible power supply battery power any time it detects a power problem within the utility, the 3105 UPS delivers reliable power quality and UPS backup power for wireless phones, small office PBX or key phone systems, home office workstations, small office desktop servers, small network nodes, point-of-sale systems, and computer peripheral devices.

Key Features:

  • Protects small office and home office equipment from power outages, surges, sags, and line noise
  • Saves space with a compact design that fits easily under a desk or can be conveniently wall-mounted, with quick access to all receptacles
  • Keeps essential systems running through power outages (four outlets with surge suppression and battery backup
  • Extends UPS service life with user-replaceable batteries
  • Protects network-connected equipment from “back door” surges coming over LAN or telephone lines
  • Informs you of power problems and low battery conditions with audible alarms and remote alarm notificationn
  • Provides UPS operating status through convenient USB port.
  • Delivers short-term mobile power with the ability with start-on battery capability
  • Powerware LanSafe Software included free-of-charge

Powerware 5125 1- 2.2KVA UPS

The Powerware 5125 Tower UPS provides advanced backup power and power quality management for PCs, workstations, and servers. Delivering basic surge protection and backup power, the Powerware 5125 UPS additionally offers the best UPS power protection against five of the nine common power quality problems.

The Powerware 5125 power protection solution is the most flexible UPS system in the 1-2.2 kVA power range. It is only available in tower configurations,

Key Features:

  • ABM® UPS battery management system doubles service life and notifies user of the need for UPS battery replacement
  • Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) increase UPS battery runtime capability
  • Buck and Double Boost UPS voltage regulation enables pure sine wave output
  • Load Segment Control (separate receptacle groups) enables scheduled shutdowns and maximum backup power time for critical devices
  • Network Transient Protector isolates networks, modems and cables from power surges and spikes
  • X-slot option cards extend power management capabilities
  • Hot-swappable UPS batteries minimize downtime, and extend backup power time for critical devices
  • 2400/3000 VA UPS system models increase backup power runtime via hot-swappable electronics and UPS battery module
  • Two-in-One UPS rack and tower form factor provides versatility


Rack Mounted UPS or Tower up to 3KVA (Tower only in 6KVA)

The Powerware 9130 UPS provides maximum power quality and backup power protection in the 700 – 6000VA range and is the ideal power management solution for networks, web servers and telecommunications equipment.

While offering basic surge protection and backup power, the Powerware 9130 UPS additionally offers the best UPS power protection against all nine common power quality problems.

  • Isolates connected equipment from all incoming power problems to provide the highest degree of protection
  • Doubles battery service life and gives you advanced warning of the end of useful battery life with Advanced Battery Management (ABM)® technology
  • High output powerfactor 0.9pf giving more real power
  • Prolongs backup time with Extended Battery Modules (EBMs)
  • Quickly collects information on UPS status, power usage, battery backup time, and other critical parameters with an intuitive LCD screen
  • Extends backup time for select equipment with Load segments (1-3KVA only)
  • Minimizes downtime with hot-swappable batteries
  • Protects equipment connected by network or phone wiring from “back door” power surges with a Network Transient Protector
  • Ensures data integrity with free Software Suite bundle for RS232 or USB connectivity
  • Easily incorporates connectivity products with an option slot to integrate into various environments and applications

9155 UPS

Featuring a modern LCD interface, the Powerware 9155 UPS includes advanced IGBT rectifier technology for active 0.99 input power factor correction (PFC). The output with 0.9 pf rating is suitable for protection of today’s high PFC compensated computers, servers, and other critical loads.

A wide range of models and connectivity options makes the Powerware 9155 an ideal UPS solution for centralised IT server rooms, building systems and industrial automation applications. The product includes standard automatic static bypass and manual bypass switches for enhanced reliability.

Incorporating our exclusive Advanced Battery Management (ABM) ® technology, the Powerware 9155 features the ability to increase up to 150% battery service life compared to the traditional charging method. The 9155 UPS can be paralleled for both redundancy and capacity using patented Powerware Hot Sync® UPS technology to deliver full uninterruptible power protection against all nine common problems.

  • Advanced IGBT rectifier for 0.99 Power Factor correction (<5% THD)
  • High 0.9PF output rating as standard
  • Slim and modern UPS design with user-friendly blue LCD display
  • ABM® intermitted charging method increases up to 150% UPS battery life compared to traditional charging method
  • Hot Sync redundancy for extreme reliability and flexible capacity
  • Transformer-free design enables high energy efficiency
  • Powerware Software Suite bundled
  • SNMP/Web monitoring capability for IT network management systems
  • ModBus/Jbus monitoring capability for industrial environment and building management systems (BMS)
  • Flexible runtimes with external battery cabinets
  • External Mechanical Bypass switch for easy and flexible service and maintenance

Powerware 9390

Built upon 40 years of power management experience, performance and continuous innovation, the Powerware 9390 provides the best combination of power performance, battery management, scalable architecture, flexibility, power density, and warranty and service.

The Powerware 9390 is designed to meet the current and future power protection requirements of data centres, manufacturing operations, medical facilities and other large-system applications. That’s why Powerware conducted extensive customer research to help create a UPS that would set the pace for three-phase power protection. The result is a UPS that combines technical innovation with a rich feature set to provide a best-in-class power protection solution.
Key Features:

Unmatched Power Performance

  • High efficiency of 94 percent reduces total cost of ownership by reducing cost of power to support protected loads
  • Low total input harmonic current distortion (THD) of less than 5 percent enhances compatibility with upstream power systems, especially generators
  • Input power factor of 0.99 minimizes auxiliary generator sizing requirements and provides more power to unity power factor servers
  • Output power rated at 0.9 power factor accommodates high power factor load requirements
  • Double-conversion design offers the highest protection possible

Enhanced Scalability

  • Utilizes Powerware’s Hot Sync® technology to parallel for capacity and redundancy
  • Up to four (4) UPS modules can be paralleled with a tie cabinet, while a total of eight (8) modules can be paralleled (providing a total capacity of 1280 kVA) at a maximum

Best Total Battery Management

  • Extends battery life and optimizes battery recharge time via patented Advanced Battery Management® technology
  • Integrated battery management system tests and monitors battery health
  • Optional temperature-compensated charging monitors battery temperature and extends battery life
  • Enables remote monitoring of the UPS and battery system

Flexible Installation and Serviceability

  • Reduces installation time and costs with small footprint and flexibility to install against walls, using top- or bottom-entry cabling
  • Front-panel access for all services and operation increases serviceability and reduces repair time